brain fog
mood swings
unexplained weight gain
hair and/or skin changes
digestion issues
and more...

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Are your symptoms due to thyroid imbalance?

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You might experience issues like brain fog, changes in mood, anxiety, depression, fatigue that won't quit, unexpected weight gain, and problems with your skin or hair.

It can be a bewildering and overwhelming experience, but gaining knowledge about it will help you make sense of it all. I want to emphasize that even though it can feel unsettling, what you're going through is quite common.

When your thyroid isn't working properly, everything in your body can seem off.

Hi, I'm Erica Duffy. I'm glad you're taking the thyroid quiz, and I hope it sheds light on potential imbalances you might be experiencing. 

It's not uncommon for everything to feel off or unfamiliar when dealing with thyroid issues. You might even feel like your body is working against you. For many women, a thyroid imbalance is a perplexing journey filled with chasing various symptoms.

As someone who specializes in functional medicine and has dealt with thyroid problems myself, I understand the challenges that come with this experience. However, it's also an opportunity for us to take a closer look at our overall health. The positive news is that by making adjustments to your diet, improving your gut health, managing stress, and incorporating exercise, you can often find significant relief.

I'm here to support you through this process. I've discovered effective ways to help you balance your thyroid, and I believe this quiz can be the first step on a journey towards finding the answers and achieving the balance you truly deserve. I hope to work with you!

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